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Numeracy Activity KG 2

Author: Henry A. Quaye


Build Strong Number Sense with Our Preprimary Book Series – Explore Numbers up to 999, Critical Thinking Exercises, and Referent Materials for Effective Learning!

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Advocate Publishing

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This is the last of the four books. This book extends the learner’s number sense to 999. The concepts taught in this book are consistent with the other three books and cement the foundation of the learners at the preprimary (Nursery to Kindergarten 2). To enable learners to work with bigger numbers, referent materials such as base ten blocks have been used to explore and simplify the concepts. In this book, learners work out critical thinking and application questions that wrap up all concepts from the first to the fourth book. Children will have a strong foundation in numeracy for further build-up when all four books are used by learners.


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