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Phonics Skills 3

Author: Henry A. Quaye


Boost Reading Skills with Book Three – Master Spelling Patterns, Build Vocabulary, and Read Faster!

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Advocate Publishing

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This is the third in the series of four books. This book builds on the children’s CVC words and blends letter sounds into spelling patterns. They build from three-letter words to four and beyond. They are introduced to most one-syllabic words to simple two syllables. The activities packed in this book range from simple to intermediate teasing the children to think critically to figure out the sounds that come together to form the words. Children are made to spell words, fill in missing sounds of words, and read simple sentences and comprehensions. This book puts the children at a level where they begin to associate sounds and symbols to do simple to intermediate reading of one and two-syllabic words. The children after reading this book will begin to read texts faster.


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